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As you take each step of your journey, I will be there reminding you of your own #MAGNIFICENCE until the day comes that you are able to see it in yourself. #MindBlingGURU #ComingSoon


Integral Enlightenment Community

Food for thought from the Integral Enlightenment Community I’ve been taking… Are you truly listening? #DeeperListening #IntegralEnlightenmentCommunity

“One of the foundations of authentic evolutionary collective engagement is the practice of deep listening—listening from the deepest part of yourself. This means that when someone else is speaking, you strive to listen for the deeper chords in what they’re saying and respond only to those chords that ring with the greatest spiritual presence and power. When something profound touches us in what someone else has shared, we’re going to take the risk to reflect it back to them, or to share it with the group. By building a field of deeper listening, we are creating a powerful supportive container for each of us to [...]